Chilewich Placemat Dahlia 36x39cm - ROSE GOLD

Product Description
  • Lace cut-out placemat
  • Material: woven vinyl
  • Dimensions: 36x39cm
  • Metallic rose gold shade
  • Wipe clean with soap and water
  • Phthalate Free

Surround your plates stylishly with the Pressed Vinyl Dahlia round placemat from Chilewich. In a rich rose gold shade, the placemat features an intricate design cut out to resemble the petal pattern of an elegant dahlia. Enjoy practical aesthetics with this easy to care for placemat; wipe clean with a sponge, soap and water. Please note, the dahlia placemat requires more gentle care due to the top layer of metallic foil. Rough sponges or brushes, machine washing or dishwasher use are not recommended. Bring delicate lacework to your dining room with this beautifully moulded Dahlia placemat.  

Made in USA
$13.23 $18.90